Melbourne Metro project reached a step forward to short list the bidders last week. The Victorian Government has named three bidders to the shortlist to deliver the $6 billion Melbourne Metro tunnel and stations contract.

Finally, Transport minister Jacinta Allan announced the shortlist for the Tunnel and Stations Public Private Partnership (PPP) on Sunday. Three consortia featuring the world’s best construction companies have been shortlisted to undertake the contract. Premier Daniel Andrews joined Minister to announce the shortlisted bidders.


“The best construction firms in Australia and around the world are lining up to build the biggest rail project in Victoria’s history,” she further said regarding the Melbourne Metro Contract.

The shortlist is comprised of the following three consortia:

Allan said the three proposals combined for over 100,000 pages of detailed plans to build the nine kilometre Metro Tunnel and five new underground stations at Arden, Parkville, CBD North, CBD South and Domain in Melbourne.

“The bids are in, early works are approved and we’re getting on with building the Metro Tunnel,to run more trains, more often right across Melbourne.” Allan said.

Furthermore Allan said a contract would be awarded by the end of 2017, so work can begin in 2018. New details about the construction of the tunnels has also been revealed. With up to six tunnel boring machines (TBMs) set to be used during construction, each up to 100 metres long and weighing more than 1,000 tonnes. For more information about this city-shaping project, visit

Tis will be  the Public Private Partnership (PPP) to build the biggest public transport project in Victorian history. The PPP will build and fit-out the nine-kilometre Metro Tunnel and the five new underground stations.


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Three consortia featuring the world’s best construction companies have been shortlisted to build the Metro Tunnel and five new underground train stations. Premier Daniel Andrews joined Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan to announce the shortlisted bidders for the $6 billion Public..

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