Hungarian railway operator MÁV-Start have announced to purchase 40 high-capacity double-decker trains (also known as bilevel rail cars) from Stadler. The new trains, which will be the first double-deck trains in the history of the Hungarian railways, will enter service in the spring of 2019.

The double-deck trains, which will have a maximum operating speed of 160km/h, will be the Eastern European country’s first, according to Stadler.



The first KISS trains to be delivered are scheduled to enter operation in spring 2019 on the Vác and Cegléd lines. More than 50 percent of the double-decker trains’ manufacturing process is carried out in Hungary. The trains are welded in Szolnok and assembled in Dunakeszi.

The value of MÁV-Start’s first firm order, including training and spare parts, will amount to €195 million and, under the order, it has an obligation to order at least 10 units from the Swiss railway rolling stock manufacturer.

The framework contract signed on 12 April 2017 provides sufficient flexibility for MÁV to schedule the procurement of the 40 units gradually, with regard to the availability of the European Union funding. With the deployment of the new, large capacity vehicles, MÁV-START is going to open a new chapter in the passenger transport of the Hungarian railways, as the KISS trains will be the first double-deck EMUs in the country. The new trains will also be compatible with the existing 123 FLIRT EMUs delivered by Stadler in the past ten years, providing MÁV-START with exceptional flexibility with regard to the operational possibilities.

Double-Deck Trains

The 155.88 meter long, 2.8 meter wide and 4.6 meter high units will consist of 6 coaches and 600 seats, and will be able to carry 50% more passengers compared to a single decker unit with the same length, which will help MÁV-START to give an answer for the challenges of the growing number of passengers on the most crowded suburban lines of Budapest.



The new vehicles, which have been designed according to the latest safety standards, will be equipped with EVM and ETCS Level 2 train control systems, making them able to run at a top speed of 160 km/h on the modernized railway lines of Hungary. Passenger comfort will be enhanced by the exceptionally smooth running, a state-of-the-art passenger information system, a spacious and bright interior, cutting edge air conditioning, and free WIFI.


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