RZD International (a subsidiary of Russian Railways) has completed work on the Vinarci-Djordjevo (Serbia) section, the last of the six sections of Pan-European Corridor X on which the company worked.

The Corridor X is one of the pan-European corridors. It runs between Salzburg in Austria and Thessaloniki in Greece. The corridor passes through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece.

Pan-European -Railways-2

More than 15 km of the lower and upper structure of the track was replaced, 8 switches were completely replaced, 11 railway crossings were repaired, the main tracks at Leskovac and Djordjevo stations and 350 m of low platforms were reconstructed, and the construction of drainage systems and the restoration of the system of signalling and communications were carried out.

All construction and installation work was done in 36-hour technological “windows” without the complete cessation of traffic. Serbian subcontractors were involved in the work. The use of Russian railway equipment and technologies ensured high rates of production and the laying of up to 1000 m of track per shift with the complete reconstruction of the roadbed and buildings. Now the speed of trains on this section can reach 120 km/h. Previously, they could go no faster than 50 km/h. The previous reconstruction of the site was carried out in 1965.

Pan-European -RailwaysThus, LLC RZD International fully completed work in the south of Pan-European Corridor X. After the conclusion of the acceptance committee, the object will be handed over to JSC Infrastructure of the Railways of Serbia and a three-year warranty period will begin.

Russian Railways Holding has been implementing a contract for the construction and reconstruction of railway infrastructure in Serbia since March 2014, with the contract concluded within the framework of an agreement between the government of the Russian Federation and the government of the Republic of Serbia on granting the Republic of Serbia.

The total amount of the contract is $941 million.


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