South American Railways proposed to link the biggest oceans of the world,  across the continent with the help of Germans , named “the project of the century”.

A German trade mission has been in Bolivia this week to discuss the construction of a  Atlantic–Pacific railway. The proposed between Brazil and Peru, which would pass through the country.


Around 40 German companies were in Bolivia to hold discussions on building a 2,300-mile railway across South America. The proposed railway will link the continent’s two coastlines, crossing through Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. German State Secretary of Transport, Building and Urban Development Rainer Bomba described the railway as “the project of the century.”

“There is a lot of money available in the world that is looking to be invested,” Bomba told La Razón

The railway will make inland resources in Brazil and Peru more accessiblSoiue as well as provide links to the Pacific and Atlantic for landlocked Bolivia.

Germany and China have been keen to open deeper trade relations with resource-rich South American Railways in recent years.

The idea of a transcontinental link of South American Railways, was already been proposed by China. However, the plan fell through due to the steep $60 billion price tag and issues on the route of the railway. In fact, China and Peru agreed in 2015 to study a 3,000-mile-long railway through the Andes. Brazil also questioned the Chinese project but likely back the Bolivian route, a member of the Brazilian delegation said.

Germany believes it will be able to complete the project for $10 billion. Bomba said the German companies’ commitment to the meeting in Bolivia this week “demonstrates that Germany is not only in the planning phase, but also in the realisation phase.”

German companies have yet to finalize any plans with South American nations. But their eagerness to take on the project demonstrates a trend that the Trumpet and the Plain Truth before it has monitored since the early 1960s: Europe’s growing alliance with Latin and South America.

Among the businesses accompanying was engineering giant Siemens, which is a major player in international rail markets. Siemens, Europe’s engineering group spokesman Dennis Hofmann said,  “to get more information about the project,”. Bolivian and German officials did not name other companies that attended the meetings.





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